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What is is an online Music Store transactional platform. It’s an innovative music distribution system, a breakthrough concept that enables automatic distribution of music sales revenue between Recording Artists and site users

Who are the people behind's team is composed of music industry professionals, web programmers, media executives, financial and legal counselors.

Why is better than other music distribution platform? has no country-based distribution limitations, or any other similar legal restrictions. This unique business context, along with our breakthrough technologies and business concepts, helps our artists maximize licencing fees on their sales. Additionally, our system automatically redistributes 80% of music sales revenue to site users.

How much music references will be available on

It will be in constant evolution. Especially in the early stages of our platform launch, the diversity of available music will depend on the popular success of the platform and on how much original music our Artist Users will actually publish in the Music Store. It’s possible that music choice may be somewhat limited in the first weeks after launch, but since music upload is free to all users, in theory the platform could become a music encyclopedia rather fast.

Do Music creators and music fans really share music revenues on

Yes. 80% of all Gross Sales generated by the Music Store is shared between Recording Artists (50%) and regular users of the platform (30%], using an innovative redistribution method outlined in the registration contract. This is the exciting key to our online music platform: Everybody benefits, everybody wins.

What are the costs of registration on

Registration is totaly free, for Recording Artists and for Music Fans. The only thing you pay for is music, when you buy songs or albums in the Music Store, like any other music plateform.

How is the sound quality of the platform?

Currently we have settled for MP3 320 kbps format, which offers optimal listening quality and is compatible across all digital devices. Other formats will be supported in the future.

Regarding music downloads: what is the music’s quality level?

There is room for any kind of music on, and we don’t apply any rules or other artistic jugements to uploaded music. We offer the same tools and publishing space to newcomer artists and to music superstars. Consequently, there will probably be a great diversity of production quality on the platform, and that's fine; there's a room for everyone on In any case, powerful Filters and Search tools will help users find what they are looking for.

Is compatible with all my devices?

Yes, is compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft Mobile.

I'm a music producer, can I upload my entire catalog on

Yes, if you are the legal owner of your catalog, or if you are the legal manager of the catalog’s publishing rights.

I'm an artist, in wich countries will my music be available?

Your music will be available worldwide.

I'm an artist who signed an exclusive contract with a major company, can I still upload my work on

No. If you are signed an exclusive distribution contract with a major music Label Company, the Company is the only entity that can upload your music to our platform; they are the owners of your music distribution Rights. Extensive legal information about such topics is available on our Terms of Use web page to provide guidance to our users.

I'm an artist who doesn't play original songs but only covers, can I upload my work to sell it on

Yes, and during the Upload process you will have to provide specific Copyrights references for each cover song, so that all Copyrights fees can be paid to the appropriate parties, via the appropriate Copyrights Perception Society.

We're a garage band, and we don't have broadcast material, could we upload our music for sale on anyway?

Sure! you're very welcome! Every musician in the world can upload their work on’s Music Store, and start their music business in just a few minutes.

I am a contemporary music lunatic(!], my entire work is just pink noise, should I upload my opus on

Sure! Who are we to judge your work? you're very welcome!

I recorded an album a long time ago which have been sold in just one country, can I upload it on

Yes, if you are the owner (or the legal manager) of the album’s Copyrights.

I'm a music composer, how will my music rights be protected?

Your Copyrights fees will be put aside on each transaction occurring on the site’s Music Store, and it will be transmitted to your Copyrights Perception Society. If you don’t have an active Copyrights Perception Society account for your musical works, the Copyrights fee will be paid directly to you.

I'm a music consumer, am I obliged to promote music on

No, there is no obligation to do so. You can use like any other music platform.

How can I promote music I'm selling on

Several tools are available to help promoting your purchased music on popular social media sites.

What micropayment system do you use on the platform? Is it really secure?

We use Paypal as our primary transactional platform. Additional payment options may be added in the future.

What is the sales price policy on

Our pricing policy is: 1,29 $ CAD + applicable taxes = 1 song. We don’t have varying prices depending on the artist’s popularity, or any other criteria. It’s equality for all, on our platform.

When I buy a song, am I able to stream it on other devices from a cloud?

Yes, your music collection will be accessible for download at any time, on any device, via your Account. A streaming option will be developed in the future.

When I buy a song, When will my credit card be charged?

It will be charged instantly, like on any other transactional platform.

On, are fan's rewards gift vouchers, or real money?

Real money! Your account will be credited automatically as your sales are progressing, and your account will include several tools to track your sales progress in real time.

Would I be paid each time someone buys a song from my Music Store?

In order to minimize banking fees as much as possible and to account for potential music sales cancellations, there is a delay between the music sale and sales proceeds availability. You will be able to monitor each sale in your account in the meantime.

Do I have to declare revenues to my government? How does it work?

It is your responsibility to communicate your earnings to the appropriate fiscal institution in your country.You have accounting tools to produce your earnings details, available in your Account.

I'm an artist, do I have the right to distribute my own music on

Yes, this is actually the most straight-forward situation for a musician.

On do I have to sign an exclusive contract?

No. We do not require any exclusivity contract, so you can continue to disseminate your music on all other existing music platforms. We are just a new tool in your music sales toolset.

Can I remove a song from

Since your music is available for resale by anyone who purchased it as soon as it goes online, it’s not possible to remove your music without causing a direct prejudice to users who have purchased it and want to resell it. Similarly, you cannot recall a music CD from your own clients, once they’ve physically purchased it. One case where it’s be possible to remove a song is if nobody had purchased a copy of it yet; you can simply unpublish the song in your Account to make it invisible. In all cases, it’s your responsibility to make sure your music is fit for publishing. For more information about this topic, please refer to our Terms of Use legal documentation.

Is there any kind of music prohibited on

No music style is prohibited, as long as the music’s content is not breaking any laws.