Shares Music Revenue With You

Our mission is to provide an innovative distribution model to the music industry by building a direct, profitable revenue link between Artists and their Fans.

This is how our system works:

Any Artist can Register, upload and sell their music freely all over the world, without limitations of any kind, without any exclusivity contract, and gets paid on every sale of their music.

We bring exciting new dynamics to the music industry market by letting all site users become crucial components of music sales and distribution, and by rewarding them financially for doing so.

On, the simple act of buying music lets anyone in the world instantly become a distributor of the music they just acquired, and get paid on every sale they generate on the platform.


Artists: Turn your Fans into Productive Business Partners

Your Fans are already your best marketing and sales force, helping spread the word about your music among their friends and acquaintances, via online social media networks and otherwise. We turn your Fans into business partners, as authorized Distributors of your music, by having them resell your music they've purchased.

Reward your own Fans with music revenue from sales they help generate! offers this paradigm-shifting business model, and the required interactive infrastructure for operations, to every Artist and their Fans. pays Artists $0.50 on each dollar of revenue generated by their music.

Artists: Sell your music now and start a business partnership with your own Fans!


Fans/Distributors: Start an Exciting Partnership with your Favorite Artists

At, the simple act of buying a song or album makes you an authorized Distributor of the music you have purchased.

Anyone in the world can instantly become a music Distributor and start selling any music published by any Artist listed on, via their own Music Store Transactional Page, without any limitation of any kind, in any country in the world, and gets paid on every sale he/she generates.

By binding their interests with those of Artists they promote, Distributors are the key that makes Fe3dback's music ecosystem work.

30% of each sale is returned to the Network who produced the sale.

Music Fans: Become Distributors and team up with your favorite Artists!


What is your Music Sales Network?

Because there is strength in numbers, we use a multi-level marketing system to bring exciting new dynamics to the money redistribution process.

The 30% Distributor Revenue segment is split in 6 parts: 15% 4% 3% 2% 2% 4% and so, each Music Sale money is spread over 6 levels.

This means that when you refer someone who buys a song in the Music Store via one of your distributor links, this person becomes a first-level Referral in your Sales Network, and you’ll receive a 15% commission on all shopping done on the platform by this User, now and in the future.

If this person does the same thing with someone else, and he has a real interest in doing so, any new user he brings will become his own first-level Referral, and this new user will become your second-level Referral in your own Sales Network. And so, you’ll receive a 4% commission on all shopping done on the platform by this second-level User, now and in the future.

And so on, 6 levels deep: 15% 4% 3% 2% 2% 4%.

All money distribution is completely automated so you'll be able to track every detail of your entire sales Network in your personal Account.

The Level that anyone occupies within a specific Network is not important, because every Distributor is the starting point of his own personal Sales Network, extending to a maximum of six levels deep.

This revenue-sharing interconnection applies to all Distributors and affects all future sales generated by each Distributor in all sales Networks, thus creating conditions to generate recurring, indirect residual sales income for all Distributors.

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